Myers-Brigg Personality Type and Decision Making

Gift Differening. Understanding Personality Type

Isabel Briggs Myers with Peter B. Myers.

This is a very practical psychology book about understanding
personality type. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
is a very useful tool to improve decisions and personal relationships.

The book describes 16 personality types:



With Thinking With Feeling With Feeling With Thinking


















According to the Myers-Brigg theory decision making is basically a process of two steps. First people have to perceive the reality and then come to a conclusion when they judge that reality.

When perceiving a reality (things, people, occurrences or ideas) people has two orientations: the sensing and the intuitive. Sensing refers to people preference for actuality around them with little interest about analyzing, theorizing or projecting the facts of that reality. The intuitive orientation refers when people are engaged in analyses, theory and projection of the reality overriding keenly observation of facts. People tend to prefer one of these two orientations in the same way people are left or right-handed. They will prefer by default one of these two orientations.

Once we perceive a reality the process of judgment comes in to play. The judgment process has also two orientations one is through thinking and the other is though feeling. Thinking refers to the preference of a logical and impersonal process to come to a conclusion. Feeling refers when people impart subjective values to their judging process. The expression “perception is reality” is a good example of this preference.

Now there are two more considerations to choose from: The introvert-Extrovert preference and the Judgment-Perception Attitude. The introverts are people oriented to ideas. The extroverts are oriented to the outer world. The Judgment-Perception attitude refers to the attitude toward worls around us. Judging people tend to order their lives and perceptive people tend to just live it.

So there are four preferences you must determine to know your personality type:

Extraversion or Introversion?
Sensing or Intuitive?
Thinking or feeling?
Judgment or Perception?

To determine your personality type you should contact a qualified professional in your area. The Book Gift Differing, Understanding Personality type from Isabel Briggs Myers with Peter B. Myers will help you explain what characteristics each type has to offer.

I have determined my Type by reading the mentioned book and then tried two different sites with the same result.  The most difficult part is to be honest to yourself on your preferences not choosing the alternatives you consider the appropriate but rather what you choose on a daily basis. The sites where you can take the test for free is Jung Typology Test
Knowing your personality type can help you understand yourself and deal with your partner, family members, and co-workers. It can help you choose a career where you can use your natural skills and help you in decision making.

When taking decisions you need to perceive and judge (in that order) using all four preferences: Sensing, Intuition Thinking and Feeling. In this way your decision will be determined through a more broadly based.

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