Francisco Medina: Social Media and Marketing. Are they a perfect combination?

Francisco Medina

Is social media a trend? That’s the first question that comes to my mind while trying to write this article; and the definite answer is: Of course it is and more than that.

This is very noticeable. Almost (more than 90 percent) everyone reading this article can be described as social media active or at least have a registered account in one social media platform, they fallow a particular brand on twitter, share some experiences on Facebook or they are just subscribed to a crazy guy who shares his videos on Youtube (just to refer well-known social media platform).

The social boom has become an important issue in our everyday life. It goes by your side and rides at the same speed. It looks for an experience to be shared and raise it to a “virtual level”. It wants more than a mere conversation topic from our personal experience; it wants to generate a craving issue for being cool, pushing us to keep up with the Jones.

All  this social boom could be predicted. After all, self-actualization, esteem and love-belonging (according to Maslow’s theory about human motivation) are part of the “human hierarchy of needs” they are a natural part of all of us and social media has known how to take advantage of it.

This is the virtual place where marketing has been present a while ago. It had moved its bricks and mortar offices to a bigger place where it can deploy a social media strategy so brands and reach their customers and embrace them more than ever. Brands have now a place to hear from their customers who now help brand to reshape their products. This is by far a new perspective from 20 or 40 years ago when companies threw out a product to the market and waited for people to buy them.

This is the new world! The new market, the new technology, the new trend and if you don’t ride this bus you are at risk of being left behind in a 1.0 world. Do you want to take your chances?

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Francisco Medina

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