Francisco Medina: Social Media and Marketing. Are they a perfect combination?

Francisco Medina

Is social media a trend? That’s the first question that comes to my mind while trying to write this article; and the definite answer is: Of course it is and more than that.

This is very noticeable. Almost (more than 90 percent) everyone reading this article can be described as social media active or at least have a registered account in one social media platform, they fallow a particular brand on twitter, share some experiences on Facebook or they are just subscribed to a crazy guy who shares his videos on Youtube (just to refer well-known social media platform). Continue reading


SWOT analysis diagram in English language.

SWOT Analysis

Harvard Business Essentials book about Strategy describe pretty well this concept: Strategy is a plan that aims to give the enterprise a competitive advantage over rivals through differentiation. Strategy is about understanding what you do, what you want to become, and focusing on how you plan to get there. Strategy creation is about doing the right things and implementation is about doing things right, a much different set of activities. Continue reading