Management by Results

Management Book Image






English – Spanish Dictionary

English – English Dictionary

Deep Linguee Translator


Reading schedule

Procedimiento de Calificación

Final Project instructions

Strategic Execution Framework

Class Project – Checklist

01 Introduction to MBR

01 Introduction to MBR

Vocabulary 01

Video The Real Job of a Manager



02 The Theory of the Business

02 The theory of the business

Vocabulary 02

The theory of the business










03 Mission, Vision, and Values

Reading: Building your company’s vision – James Collins

03 Mission vision and values

Vocabulary 03


04 The Purpose and Objectives of a Business


04 The purpose and objectives of a business

Vocabulary 04








05 Making the Future Today

05 Making the future today

Vocabulary 05


06 Managing by objectives and Self-Control

06 Managing by objectives and self-control

Vocabulary 06














07 Strategy

07 Strategy analysis and choice

Vocabulary 07

Lectura: FODA – Omar Maguiña

Lectura: Las trampas ocultas en la toma de decisiones HBR

Kahoot:: BCG and SWOT Matrix

SPACE Matrix


Enduring Ideas: The 7-S Framework

The McKinsey 7-S Framework


08 Metrics

08 The balanced scorecard

Vocabulary 08


09 Culture

Vocabulary 09



10 Midterm Exam


11 Structure

Vocabulary 10


12 Project management


Vocabulary 11

The University of Adelaide: Project Management Videos

13 Managing operations

Vocabulary 12


14 Critics of management by results

Vocabulary 13


15 Project presentation

Final Project MBR


16 Final Exam


Situational Leadership II

Decision Making

Video: Raymond E. Levitt

Articles: The Economist kalyan City Blog

News: KQED Radio





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