Management by Results

Readings schedule MBR_2017

Management Book Image





01 Introduction to MBR

Vocabulary 01

Video The Real Job of a Manager

02 The theory of the business

Vocabulary 02

03 Mission vision and values

Reading: Building your company’s vision – James Collins

Vocabulary 03

04 The purpose and objectives of a business

Vocabulary 04

05 Making the future today

Vocabulary 05

06 Strategic Plannning – The entrepreneurial skill + Exam

Vocabulary 06

07 Strategic Tools

Reading: Strategic Management – Fred

Vocabulary 07

Questionnaire Week 07 Strategy analysis and choice


Enduring Ideas: The 7-S Framework

The McKinsey 7-S Framework


08 Metrics

Vocabulary 08

09 Culture

Vocabulary 09

10 Exam

Midterm Exam – Link

11 Structure

Vocabulary 11

12 Project management

Vocabulary 12

The University of Adelaide: Project Management Videos

13 Managing operations

Vocabulary 13

14 Critics to management by results

Vocabulary 14

15 Project presentation

16 Final Exam

Situational Leadership II

Decision Making

Video: Raymond E. Levitt

Articles: The Economist kalyan City Blog

News: KQED Radio






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