Strategic Financial Planning

SILABO Strategic Financial Planning 2017-2

Text Book: Welsch Glenn and Others. Budgeting. Profit planning and control.










English – English Dictionary:

English – Spanish: Word Reference

English in context: Sentence Dictionary ; Reverso

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Accounting Cheat Sheet

Accounting Dictionary

Presupuesto Público – Perú

Guías y Reportes del Presupuesto Público – Perú

Blogs: Accounting Tools  Accounting Coach

01 Introduction to Strategic Financial Planning

Vocabulary 01

Podcast from Stanford University: Strategic Execution Framework

Listening: Episode 130- Problems with budgeting: Accounting Tools Pod Cast

The five management functions

02 The Fundamentals of Profit Planning and Control

Vocabulary 02

03 The profit planning and control process

Reading: Five_myths_and_realities_about_zero_based_budgeting

Vocabulary 03

04 Balanced Scorecard

Vocabulary 04

05 Planning and controlling revenues

Práctica de Pronósticos


Smoothing Factors

Vocabulary 05

06 Planning and Controlling Production v1.1

Vocabulary 06


7 Planning and controlling purchases and materials usage

Graphics of the economic order quantity

Reading: Economic Order Quantity Model

Exhibit 6.3

Vocabulary 07

08 Planning and controlling direct labor cost

Vocabulary 08

09 Planning and Controlling Expenses

Vocabulary 09

10 Examen Parcial

11 Flexible Expense Budgets

Vocabulary 11

12 Planning and Controlling Capital Expenditure

Vocabulary 12

Methods of Measuring the Economic Value of a Capital Expenditure

13 Planning and Controlling Cash Flow

Vocabulary 13

14 Completion and Application of the Profit Plan

Vocabulary 14

kahoot: Master Budget

15 Project Presentation

Modelo Proyecto Final

16 Final Exam




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